Conceptualizing, problem-solving and creating, are what I enjoy and do best.


Growing up on Long Island in an artistic family, I always had the freedom to express myself creatively. Dad was a commercial artist, animator and photographer. My mother was a display artist who also produced signage for our local department store. My brother Frank is known for having created the famous 'look' and MTV logo (as part of Manhattan Design) and his music package designs,

I always made things and found various outlets for my creative “ideas”. Whether it was baking cakes from scratch off a flour package, or using rose petals to create my own perfume at age 8. I loved to explore the possibilities (still do).

After graduating from Parsons School of Design I lived and worked in Manhattan as a freelance illustrator. My work has appeared in advertising and on cards sold at MoMA’s store, as well as in numerous editorial publications, including the New York TimesVogueHouse & Garden, and New York Magazine.

Gradually shifting my focus over to graphic design, I worked as a staff designer at publishing companies Hyperion, Paragon House, and John Wiley & Sons, eventually working my way “up the ranks.” As a hands-on designer, art director, and creative director at Wiley, where I stayed for many years, my duties also included cultivating and overseeing publishing and branding projects; coordinating with our international divisions; working with authors, designers and photographers; mentoring and managing staff. 

I continue to consult and create for various markets. I love conceptualizing, problem-solving and creating. I enjoy helping others with their creative ideas, producing positive experiences and results in the process. 

My work reflects many years of experience and myriad of influences. 
This website contains some of that work. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I did creating it.