SEASONAL times is a quarterly promotional newsletter that I send out for fun. Theme based on the seasons, it combines visual and copy elements from my own vault of classics, newly birthed, or maybe a combination of both, along with other musings I curate.
I enjoy using my illustrations, designs, and whimsy in this way. Hope you do too. To receive these quarterly, please sign up!

 Seasonal-Fall 2017

Seasonal-Fall 2017

 Seasonal-Late Summer-2017

Seasonal-Late Summer-2017

Seasonal-Summer 2017

Seasonal-Spring 2017

Seasonal-Earth Day 2017

Seasonal-v-day 2017

Seasonal-Holiday 2016

Seasonal-Autumn 2016

Seasonal-Summer 2016

Seasonal-Spring 2016

Seasonal-Winter 2016

Seasonal-Fall 2015

Seasonal • summer 2015

Seasonal • spring 2015

Seasonal • v day edition 2015

Seasonal • winter 2014-2015

Seasonal • autumn 2014

Seasonal • summer 2014